Warren Ranch Operations

The Warren Ranch is a Texas original. The origins of the ranch began in 1852 when John Warren emigrated from Hensingham in the county of Cumberland, England to come to Texas and stake his place in the Wild Wild West. After settling near Houston in Hockley, Texas, Mr. Warren ran a stagecoach stop, and raised cattle and horses for the U.S. Calvary on the very property which makes up today’s ranch. The efforts of John Warren, and other early Texas pioneers is what has made Texas a place of dreams and legend throughout the world.

The Warren Ranch today covers approximately 7,300 acres in northwest Harris County, Texas and is located exactly 37 miles northwest of downtown Houston, Texas. Over a hundred and fifty years after its founding, the ranch is both a working cattle ranch and a nature reserve. The property is jointly operated by James Warren, great-great grandson of its founder and by the Katy Prairie Conservancy an environmental charity.

Anloc is the sole oil and gas operator on the Warren Ranch. Located within the boundaries of the ranch is the Hockley Salt Dome, one of the largest salt domes in the United States Gulf Coast.

Texas’s oil industry, still the world’s most innovative for oil exploration technology, is legendary in its historical significance. Many of the largest Texas oil discoveries have been in Salt Dome geological formations.

The original Texas gusher was Spindletop. Spindletop which is a Salt Dome oilfield located in the south part of Beaumont, Texas, initiated the 1900’s Texas Oil Boom, and helped define the legends of Texas wealth and Texas intrigue in hearts of the world. After the success of Spindletop Salt Dome oilfield, successful exploration and production was initiated in many other Houston, Texas area Salt Dome oilfields including the Katy oilfield, the Humble oilfield, Goose Creek oilfield, and the High Island oilfield.

The Hockley Salt Dome has always been a mystery to the oil industry. As early as the 1920’s, geologists were debating whether oil existed in commercial quantities at the Hockley Salt Dome. In fact the October 1925 issue of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists monthly journal made a 30 page scholarly study of the mystery of whether oil would ever be found at the Hockley Salt Dome. Anloc is working to diligently to unlock this age old mystery.

Anloc is actively drilling new wells on the Hockley Salt Dome.